Why Outsource to Nigeria?

Nigeria is known to be one of Africa’s largest economies by GDP ($480.48 Billion[i1] ) and country, with a population of about 213 million[i2]  individuals.  It has become a fast-growing offshoring/ outsourcing hub for businesses with a large database of English proficient workforce and competencies across most outsourcing services.

Currently, the number of youths in Nigeria ranging from age 18 – 38years with a strong desire for growth and interest in technology is increasingly on the rise. We have the available human resources needed for this fast growing movement. In Nigeria, we can boast of a well-established ICT sector which serves as an excellent foundation for developing and growing the Country’s outsourcing industry. The combination of available workforce plus durable and reliable technology guarantees a fulfilling experience to current and prospective international businesses.

Research has shown that Nigerians are known for their speedy adaptability nature which not only gives them a good hedge in the world but also a suitable, easy and seamless blend with processes. As a result, offshore businesses are guaranteed of their customers having a similar experience as they would if they were attended to by their home country agents.

In terms of competence, a large number of students enroll and graduate yearly from the Universities (especially from international and foreign schools) with the desired competence in back office work / processing, IT and other outsourcing jobs. Owing to the diverse exposure locally and internationally, offshore businesses are assured of a dynamic and innovative / creative, well-educated and skillful agent.

While some countries might be challenged with language barrier, the core official and central mode of communication in Nigeria is English. This is remarkable for businesses as Countries that majorly outsource are English speaking countries. Our agents understand the need for continuous and clarity in communication as they interface over the phone with customers. With the neutral English spoken by our agents in Nigeria, customer retention and satisfaction is guaranteed.    

An important thought in the mind of every business owner is to enlarge and extend their reach beyond their borders, therefore gaining high value yet at a low cost. However, time zone and difference could serve as a constraint. Outsourcing to Nigeria breaches this gap. Our agents are available to attend to issues encountered or matters arising where time difference serves as a limitation to the home country.

The Outsourcing industry in Nigeria is at an exponential growth and considering the numerous advantages aforementioned, offshore businesses are safe to invest and guaranteed of returns in terms of value.

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