We hear back-office operations regularly. Are you still wondering what it covers? Here is a list of functions:

  • Data entry services
  • Human resources
  • Payroll management
  • Marketing
  • Information technology support

All of these and more play a vital role in giving your business core function the backing needed to thrive. Just as the front office functions (your business’ core) requires a lot of resources, time and attention, the back office equally needs them. In some cases, the back-office function begins to compete for the resources allocated to the front office. This could be draining and can squeeze out life (figuratively) from the core functions of your business if not strategically managed.

One essential and fast-moving approach / strategy you can take to avert and abort such issues is to outsource your back-office operations and functions to a third-party vendor like TeamSource who is competent and specializes in business outsourcing processes.



Startups – to ensure their ideas are not choked and they have sufficient resources, time and attention to give to the core of their business and to avoid being frustrated out of the market.

Established Businesses – majorly to help them expand their reach, and focus on growing their business beyond borders while allocating the excess resources (saved from outsourcing their back-office operations) to their core strength.

For both, they are guaranteed of a competitive hedge in the various playing field. Don’t allow the administrative task of your business hamper on the core task, outsource to TEAMSOURCE.

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