We offer a seamless process to our clients. Every stage of the way, we hold each other’s hand ensuring that from start to finish, our clients are satisfied, and happy. Here is a step-by-step process in build your team with us.

  1. Enquiry Stage: This is when you reach out to us explaining your needs. We will schedule a meeting to gain clarity on the talent need, the precise goals to be achieved, and give responses on how best we can serve you. Both parties are involved here largely.
  2. Draft Stage: Here the scope of work to be carried out, job description and KPIs are drafted and presented for deliberations and resolutions. At this stage, discussions on salaries, and potential fees will ensue. Other terms such as commencement and duration of engagement will be chipped in. Both parties are actively involved here as well.
  3. Team Preparation: At TeamSource, we already have a database / pool of talent to source from. Our workforce has been vetted and interviewed to ensure that they have the required competence and understanding to carry out the job professionally. At this stage, our recruitment team are solely responsible. Note that depending on the client’s need, stage might differ. (See our workforce options) we provide all the staff requires (IT, facilities, equipment and tools)
  4. Contract Stage: We proceed to ensure all terms, obligations, conditions, are written down to reflect the minds of both parties and are duly executed.
  5. Support and Update Stage: Once the work has commenced, we will provide all the support to your workforce / team to ensure there are no slips, or lapses that could cause distractions. We will also give weekly updates to your inhouse liaison officer. This will enable you concentrate on the core objects of your business.

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