Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) requires the hiring of a third-party company to perform your business operations either on a short term or long-term basis. This could be categorized in two different orders; the back- office business process outsourcing and front- office business process outsourcing. Some vendors also refer to it as Professional Outsourcing and this is when a company hires professionals from a third- party to perform technical services. Numerous companies use this type of outsourcing since companies need professionals in a wide range of fields to keep operations running easily. There is a high chance for companies to save a huge sum of money when they decide to use professional outsourcing. All they need to do is pay the professionals for their services rather than having to spend more on training internally or hiring full time for this purpose. For example, such company will need to, not only consider the remuneration for services rendered, but also work tools, workspace etc.

At TeamSource, we specialize in managing the back-office operations of our clients as a business process and professional outsourcing company. To us, we become “partners” when you engage our services as your business success is our goal. Here is a list of things you stand to benefit or as ROI when you partner with TeamSource.

  1. Better Quality
    As a team of professionals, we are dedicated in pouring out our skills and expertise on assigned task. We deliver quality and topnotch services to ensure an improved and overall enhancement of our client’s operations.
  2. Save Money
    A great businessman once said that “it is not about how much you earn but how much you save”. Outsourcing your back-office operations to TeamSource allows you to save money on labor, technology, materials, trainings and tools.
  3. Increase Effectiveness
    Outsourcing your business operations will enable you free up your time and mind for your core business and increase your success rate. For example, what takes your team 4 hours to complete could take an expert in it maybe an hour to deliver result, especially with more technical operations. When companies outsource their operations, it alleviates the need for internal workers to work in that department, meaning workers can spend further time working on other operations which increases company productivity.

When deciding to outsource, it’s important to first dissect your company’s operations to understand which corridor of your company need bettered effectiveness. To do this, determine how easily each department runs, how important income each department generates and the hand development rate within each position of a department. Once you dissect your company’s overall operations, you might have a better idea of which corridor of your company to outsource. For instance, if you want to perfect your company’s ads, without hiring an entire marketing personnel, you might decide to outsource your marketing department to a third- party BPO agency.

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